Welcome to International Experience (iE)!

Dear Valued Partner,

Welcome to International Experience (iE)!

We are a non-profit educational exchange organization founded in 2000 with a proven and continued success record. We are based on our business principles of honesty, transparency and providing the overall best experience for our agents, students, parents, host families and staff. To this day, our mission remains true: Provide education, support and guidance that enables cultural experiences built upon real relationships while promoting understanding, cooperation, and growth between students with their host families and with their host communities.

Based on our current partner feedback iE is considered a recognised leader in student exchange with a high standard that goes above and beyond the global expectation. The iE team’s goal is to provide a personalized, relationship-focused platform in which international students, their host families, and their host communities connect, relate, and explore both the differences that define us as well as the similarities that unite us. Through our combined experiences, we provide opportunities for meaningful cultural exchange, helping to create a world where cultural diversity is valued and celebrated.

We invite you to explore business opportunities with us and learn more about a partnership that is based on trust, transparency, individual attention and experience. Please contact us for more information.

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